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Compassionate and Ethical Assisted Living Facility


Our facility provides a supporting environment where our residents feel heard. We specially tailor recreational activities and meals  for our residents. We also provides 24-hours around the clock care to cater to the needs of our residents. 


Our 5-bed facility quickly feels like home– because it is.  Located in the suburbs of South Florida, our facility is another home in the neighborhood in which our residents gain family-like community with the other residents and our dedicated staff.  


We take the comfort and safety of our residences very seriously. To help ensure our zero tolerance policy for elderly abuse, we implemented an anonymous reporting system and pledge to take swift action in the event it occurs.  

About Us

Avery Cottage ALF is a 5-bed assisted living facility located in West Palm Beach, FL. Our facility, owned by an experienced nurse practitioner, strives to deliver compassionate, ethical care that prioritizes the comfort of our residences. 



Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as the best small-scale assisted living facility in Palm Beach County through our emphasis of integrity, professionalism, and compassionate care.






Avery Cottage ALF strives to offer high-quality, individualized care in pursuit of creating a nurturing and enriching environment for our residents.  


Our Location

Located in the suburbs of West Palm Beach, FL, our assisted living facility is another home in the quiet neighborhood. We are minutes away from various recreational activities, including the beach. 

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