about avery cottage alf


Avery Cottage ALF is a 5-bed assisted living facility located in West Palm Beach, FL. Our facility has been in operation for over 10 years– and our commitment to our residents and loved ones are the same: to deliver compassionate, ethical care that prioritizes the comfort of our residences. 

Our cozy facility offers a family-like environment that builds a sense of community among our residents that enriches their lives and ours. 

owned and operated by an experienced nurse PRACTITIONER

As of August 2020, we have gone through a change of ownership. Previously named Avery Cottage INC, our facility, Avery Cottage ALF is owned and operated by Yanick Dantiste, MSN, APRN. Dantiste’s passion for providing quality and ethical senior care stems from her over 30 years of geriatric nursing experience.

Dantiste serves as the current administrator to Avery Cottage ALF and is also able to provide primary care to the residents.